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  • If you’re lost, go faster September 17, 2019
    Going faster increases the chances that you’ll find a landmark and become unlost. This rule has a corollary though: If you’re going the wrong direction, turn around. [And one clarification: sometimes going faster looks a lot like going slower in the short run. Because taking the time to read a map, get your bearings and […]
    Seth Godin

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  • Equal Parts Is a New Kitchen Brand That Also Helps You Cook September 17, 2019
    Despite the overabundance of meal kits and the resources to turn any cooked dish into an Instagram masterpiece, millennials are eating out more compared to other generations. And yet, direct-to-consumer startups from Great Jones to Potluck are swooping in to change up the habits of a generation that's supposedly used to tapping their way to...
    Ann-Marie Alcántara