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  • Poland challenges EU's new copyright law over censorship fears May 26, 2019
    The EU's contentious copyright law is already facing some opposition from one of its existing members. Poland has submitted a complaint to the European Court of Justice arguing that the law's requirement for filtering content had the potential for c...

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  • Organized crime May 26, 2019
    Best I can tell, most of the folks in the organized crime industry care a lot more about the ‘organized’ part than they do the ‘crime.’ Organized as in: who’s up and who’s down. Who gets to decide. Who’s in charge and who has power. The crime is simply a shortcut. The same is true […]
    Seth Godin

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  • How One of Today’s Boldest Marketers Is Shattering Stigmas Inflicted on Women Worldwide May 24, 2019
    LONDON--For decades, marketing around women's periods and genitals has often been laughably unrealistic at best and destructively shame-inducing at its worst. In 2017, Essity dramatically dumped out the blue liquid and other ridiculous tropes of tampon and pad advertising with the launch of #BloodNormal, a campaign nearly unprecedented in its ambition to rewrite an entire...
    David Griner